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Irene Pregl

Experience: Irene has a Master Degree in social work and is a Master/Teacher Reiki Practitioner. She is dedicated to the balancing of mind, body and spirit offering stress management through relaxing biofeedback sessions and Usui Reiki (energy healing technique). Irene will teaches a four week series on the use of pendulum as a means of self- empowerment. These teachings will help clients reduce stress related to health and emotional imbalances with the belief that physical blocks are connected to a person’s emotional wellbeing. There will be an initial assessment of your current situation and health concerns.

During a session: Clients set goals for personal change related to mind, body, and spirit. As a professional, she will provide an ongoing partnership that includes creating awareness and clarity, designing actions, and enhancing skills. Irene believes that a holistic approach is vital for self –empowerment and awareness. This approach encompasses the whole person- mind, body and spirit. A holistic approach includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental well-being of the person.

Contact for an appointment: 715-497-3792



Blessings. I’m excited to offer shamanic healing and empowerment through Spirit guided readings and healing energy sessions, as well as Psychic Galleries and teaching classes.

In my Native beliefs and practices, I offer a unique blend of healing as I work with animal spirits, elementals, Earth Mother, Great Spirit & Divine Beings, 4 Directions and Earth elements, all our relation and kingdoms, loved ones crossed over, ascended masters, and more…many more. I often use crystals and essential oils, and often clear past lives and energy stuck in your aura/physical body. I work with your highest good and the good of all. My sessions are uplifting and always brings in your truth and clarity for you to help be the best YOU.

• Psychic Medium Readings (also dietary and medical mediumship)
• Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions
• Dynamic Duo~ 90 min. energy sessions & full reading in one, with Irene Pregl
• House Cleansing & Blessings, Land Clearing
• Ghost Hunting
• Animal Communicating
• Spirit Art (guided to create each piece, they’re then brought into ceremony where Divine energy is anchored into each piece, bringing harmony, balance, health, etc.)
• Psychic reading and/or healing parties
• Business Insight and Clarity for optimized growth and production/needs for your company.
…and go where Spirit guides me


Cheryl Anderson Hinz

Experience: Functional Health Coach
Certified Life Coach
Reiki Master

My years of study and experience in nutrition and the healing arts have brought me to the conclusion that in order to achieve wellness, you must practice body, mind and spiritual techniques.

My programs for groups and individuals cover holistic methods that can be used easily on a daily basis. I offer one-on-one counseling for people struggling with health issues that have not had results with conventional medicine. I specialize in thyroid, autoimmune and weight concerns.


Jean Maher

Sylvia-AlbersExperience: My passion is fitness.

That it is not what you think. It’s not how many reps you can do – it’s about doing one rep well and practicing your form – tweaking things – so that you are constantly changing and growing.

I want to share that you can turn your definition of fitness upside down by mastering the simple. Stripping away all that is not important.

If you want to learn more, I teach the basics: kettlebells, using your own body to get the workout you need.

What I have learned I want to share – I want to have you join me in being as fit as you can be.


Lorrie Ann Formella

Experience: Organizational Psychologist
Lorrie Ann Formella, is an Organizational Psychologist with a focus on behavioral change and owner of Seasons of Life Empowerment. She is committed to life- long learning and the sharing of practices that empower people to enhance their health and wellness. Lorrie provides integral Qigong and Tai Chi workshops, retreats, and classes as well as energy healing sessions.

Lorrie is a 200-hour Certified Integral Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, having studied under the guidance of Dr. Roger Jahnke (IIQTC). She has also studied under Masters Chunyi Lin and Frank Chan. She also holds a Masters of Arts in Organizational Psychology, Reiki Certificate, Level 1 Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy.

A cancer survivor since 2012, Lorrie attributes her quality of life to an integrated treatment approach that includes Tai Chi and Qigong and many other self-care methods learned while navigating through multiple challenges during the “seasons of life.” 



Experience: Namaste, Sat Nam! I am a lifelong student of yoga. I’ve received so much healing from the practice and study of yoga (self-love, trusting my inner voice), which is what inspires me to share and teach yoga. I am trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, meditation and prenatal yoga. I am inspired daily from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

As a teacher, I work on creating a safe place for my students to be, explore, move and breathe. I work on connecting students back to their wisdom, inner voice and intuition that always knows. Throughout my class you will experience fluid movements, breath, sound and guided visualization. As a teacher, I honor and trust your inner voice. I am here to be only a guide during your yoga journey.

Outside of teaching and practicing you will find me caring for mamas and babies as a Postpartum Doula, devotional singing with my husband, painting mandalas and walking amongst the trees.

Much love and gratitude! Visit us at:


Kristie Van Frost & Tricia Griffith, Intuitive 2 Healing Touch ~i2h~

Experience:Certified Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Practitioners (HTSM-CP)

2 Spiritual Healers…Listening to Divine Guidance…to support You and Your Pets along your healing journey with Joy, Grace and Ease. Experience the Amplified Energy of a healing session with your Angels & Spirit Guides…along with Kristie & Tricia!

During your i2h healing touch session, Kristie AND Tricia will connect with you, with each other and with the Divine…to intuitively receive guidance…to balance, energize and support the human energy system, in an effort to promote healing for the whole person…body, mind and spirit. Based on the information provided and mutual intentions, the session will include techniques to clear, balance, and align the client’s energy centers. The Amplified Energy that this i2h session provides, will allow detailed attention to physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client.

*Aromatherapy *Shaman Apprentices *Angel & Spirit Guide Communicators*
*Animal Healing Touch Practitioners *Crystal Healing *Distance Healers *Intuitive Mediums*

Contact details:
Phone: (715)441-9296 / (651)353-9314


Benjamin Joseph Onelove

Experience:Licensed and board certified Massage therapist, teacher of god in the tradition of A course in miracles & disciple of Jesus Christ, certified personal trainer, Sadhaka of Classical Rishiculture Ashtanga yoga, and husband.

Greetings, For 11 + years now I have been helping people find freedom from pain. As a nationally board certified and licensed professional massage therapist, I help people find freedom from pain in their bodies. As a minister, I help people find freedom from the pain of grievances in their mind and heart through the practice of true forgiveness. As a personal trainer, I help people stay in health and high quality movement by establishing a daily movement self care practice, and as a meditation instructor, I assist people in remembering how to follow the way of the breath, which brings wisdom, understanding and healing. And beyond the breath which leads into silence, stillness, and the peace of God.

Perfection is the absence of the belief in separation.

You are as god created you in the love and the light and the glory!

Come on! Lets move mountains together! Visit us at:

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