Reiki is the Japanese art of healing using the energies of your own body.

Distance Reiki is a technique that is taught at the Second Degree level and involves the use of the symbols that are learned by the Reiki Level II practitioner. It allows Reiki energy to be sent over time and space. Because the time and physical barriers are removed, the energy can be sent to:
• Anyone anywhere in the world and at any period time (past, present, or future)
• Situations or events
• Locations
• Time, such as in sending Reiki to a future event that you are expected to face that may be causing you anxiety or worry.

These techniques also allow the practitioner to carry out a complete Reiki treatment on someone at a distance with the same effectiveness as if both the practitioner and the recipient were in the same room together.

How Does it Work?
Three Reiki symbols are passed down to the student at the Second Degree level. The third of these symbols, which is also known as the distant healing symbol, enables the practitioner to connect with a client that allows the Reiki energy to accomplish healing in sacred space and time, without regard to geographic distance or current date or time.

As this symbol transcends time and space, it can send healing to the past, the present, and the future. The translation of this third symbol is “no past, no present, and no future”. This is the symbol that makes it possible for the practitioner to conduct a full Reiki treatment on a person even if he or she is not present in the same room (and date and time!) to receive the actual healing.

Because there is no time or space barrier, the different ways of sending distant healing infinite.
• Healing can be sent to someone who is not present, whether at this date, time, location, or even outside of the physical realm. Oftentimes, Reiki is sent to the soul energy after a person has passed. It can be sent to a relative or friend who is out of state; a person’s past or a person at a certain age; a person at a future time or certain age; or sending healing to someone throughout the day.
• It can be sent to heal the past, such as a past event or situation that has occurred in which the hurt or fear still lingers in the present.
• Send healing to the future (for an event that is going to take place).
• When someone has a condition that make it difficult to touch the person such as a burn victim, radiation patient, infectious disease, or surgery wound. (the distance can be a matter of inches or feet and doesn’t necessarily have to be hundreds of miles).

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