Children’s Reiki Healing

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You are undertaking an awesome journey as a young person. By choosing to learn Reiki you have dedicated your life to taking care of others and yourself with the healing touch of God through your hands. What a wonderful gift you can bring into the world around you.

In this class you will be receiving your Reiki Level I training and attunement. Once you have Reiki it will never leave you. You will always have this healing energy available to you at all times. You can use it in all situations throughout your life as you grow up. Remember this gift is always in your hands to help you.

Do you sometimes feel afraid or anxious?
Do you wish you could help yourself when you get hurt or have a headache?
Do you wish you could help someone when they are feeling bad?


Reiki, (pronounced “ray-key”), is a Japanese compound word consisting of “rei” and “ki”, together meaning “universal life force energy”. This universal life force flows through all living things and when flowing properly keeps us healthy and in balance. Reiki makes people feel better just by laying your hands on them and letting this energy flow through you. Reiki helps people to relax, feel better and can help heal the mind, body or spirit. Reiki was developed by a Japanese man named, Mikao Usui, in the early 1900’s.



Reiki energy flows in just the right amount to wherever it is needed and does just what needs to be done for the person. You can never give too much Reiki or hurt yourself or anyone by giving Reiki.



Supporting the body’s natural ability to heal it self.
Giving energy to the other person
Healing your own body, mind and soul
Promoting relaxation and reduce stress
Lower blood pressure, heart and respiration rate
Helps the body release toxins (yucky stuff that our bodies hold onto that we don’t need—things like anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt)



Anytime you put your hands down on yourself, another person or an animal with the intention of helping someone, Reiki energy is drawn through you. You are like a straw. The energy enters through the top of your head and is drawn down through you to your hands. Because the Reiki energy enters through you first, you also get the benefit of Reiki when you give it to someone else!


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